An Introduction

‘Sanrakshan’ is a Natural Resource Management and Environment Protection Program of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.

DJJS, Nature Conservation Program – aims at rebuilding the fading human- nature relationship of mutualism for re- establishing the environmental balance. It takes advocacy and awareness based approaches to instigate pro- environmental behaviour in society at large. The foundation of the program is laid on the principals of sustainability and unity of life which are fundamental to the existence of natural systems.

The program takes a scaled approach for sensitizing and mobilizing people and redesigning their lifestyles. DJJS believes — If with mere adaptation of a little twist in our existent way of living, we can contribute in global energy conservation then why not do it?

Initiatives like sustainable lifestyles, natural resource conservation, tree plantation and cleanliness drives lay the foundation of better and assured future, environmentally.


Nature is the ultimate provider of all life- sustaining and luxury goods that shape human lifestyles on earth. Natural resources form the foundation of all material development and economic progress. But, the sharp decline of these resources today stands as a major road block in both social and economic progress.

However, whatsoever may be the environmental anomaly and no matter how varied the evident cause may seem, at the root of all environmental issues lies the unchecked and ignorant human actions.

The long- lived human- nature relationship of mutualism has gradually translated into one of extraction. The element of reverence has gone missing today. Hence, we see this distorted picture of nature.

Acknowledging that the changing human- nature relationship is the underlying cause of the skewed state of nature and natural resources, we at DJJS, work upon re- building the human- nature relationship of mutualism.

Environmental disruption creates a ripple effect misbalancing the functioning across various life spheres. Bearing this in mind, the program adopts a prevention and repair mechanism, to achieve sustainable harmony between human and the basis of his existence.